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Partner throughout the entire dismantling process

Safe and efficient decommissioning is essential in managing the end of the lifecycle of nuclear facilities. As a nuclear power plant service provider with overall plant competence, we at AREVA NP gained most valuable experience in dismantling management and execution worldwide. The experienced and dedicated staff is available to support customers in the cost-effective execution of their decommissioning and dismantling projects.

The Offer

Concept and licensing planning

Development of appropriate dismantling strategies and scenarios to achieve safe and cost-effective completion comprising the development of concepts and strategies related to:
  • Adjustment of plant organization and staff to post-operation requirements (deregulation)
  • Licensing procedure
  • Radiological evaluation and control
  • Dismantling operations
  • Utilization of auxiliary facilities, tools and equipment.

Preparation of decommissioning and dismantling projects

Preparation for dismantling such as:

  • Plant defueling
  • Detailed radiological characterization including sampling
  • Decontamination of systems and facilities
  • Procurement and installation of auxiliary systems and equipment including temporary, mobile operating systems and waste treatment plants.


Realization of all the works related to:

  • Disassembly of plant and equipment including activated heavy reactor components
  • Decontamination of plant and equipment
  • Treatment, conditioning, packaging and transport of radioactive waste to storage
  • Recording, monitoring, survrillance and insprections.

What does that mean for our customers?

  • Robust execution programs built on extensive experience gained during realization of numerous decommissioning and dismantling projects worldwide
  • Application of cost-efficient and highly productive processes, optimized through consequent implementation of state-of-the-art productivity improvement methods such as value stream management
  • Mitigation of collective dose burden following implementation of optimized disassembly procedures
  • Reduced radwaste generation and consequently less packaging expenses

Stade: Disassembly and packing of the RPV internals

We at AREVA NP prefer the innovative way. For example during disassembly of the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) internals at the pressurized water reactor in Stade and packing of the parts for final repository. It was necessary to cut through up to 20 centimeters of steel. And which better material to use for this then – water. Thanks to a new remote-controlled water jet cutting method, 85 tons of core internals were precisely disassembled with high pressure water-cutting sand –mixture. And within only 12 months.

Würgassen: Dismantling of the RPV

At the shutdown Wuergassen nuclear power plant, a German boiling water reactor, AREVA NP has entered new territories: For the first time, the RPV of a commercially used reactor had to be dismantled in situ. Here again on duty: the remote-controlled water jet cutting method.

Prior to decommissioning: decontamination

Protection of people and the environment comes first in each phase of the nuclear power plants` lifecycle. Therefore, decontamination is necessary before dismantling. Why? It reduces both, dose burden to staff and the amount of radioactive waste. Another plus: less specialized and complex dismantling methods can be used.


AREVA NP has more than 30 years of experience with decontamination projects for nuclear power plants in operation and before dismantling. This mainly concerns full system decontamination, a process for decontaminating all the components of the primary circuit and the most important auxiliary systems of nuclear power plants.

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