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Numerical codes modeling systems and containment are often used to analyze accident scenarios in light water reactors. These computer codes use thermal-hydraulic correlations that are derived from active safety systems. With the use of passive safety systems, however, the need to validate and optimize these codes arises.

The INKA Facility tests containment safety concepts under accident conditions, supports experimental analysis of specific scenarios and supplies data for code validation.
The following components have been successfully tested:

  • Emergency condenser to passively remove energy from the containment
  • Containment cooling condenser to passively remove energy from the containment
  • Passive core flooding system
  • Fuel pool cooler
  • Vent pipes
  • Passive pressure pulse transmitter.

Integral tests are performed to simulate transient and loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) scenarios. 

Your benefits

  • Only test facility of its kind in the world for containment scenarios
  • Experimental analysis of accident scenarios using active and passive safety components
  • Validation of system and containment codes
  • Integration with and access to the Thermal-hydraulic Platform
  • Accredited test and inspection body
  • Accepted by ILAC

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AREVA’s Thermo-hydraulic Platform qualified as test and inspection body

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