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In the case of a transient or a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) with no active cooling systems available (e.g. station blackout (SBO), internal fire or flooding), heat must be removed from the containment. The plant must be brought to a safe state and long-term containment cooling must be ensured.

Heat removal system which operates without any power supply
The Containment Cooling Condenser allows passive heat removal from the containment to a water pool outside the containment. Steam inside the containment atmosphere condenses at the surface of the heat exchanger and heat is transferred to the outside pool by single- or two-phase natural circulation. With this component, the containment pressure is kept below the design pressure and maintains stable at low pressure even in the longterm, as long as the water reservoir outside containment is available.

Your benefits

  • Long-term passive heat removal from containment even after loss of main heat sink or active cooling systems (e.g. SBO, internal fire, flooding)
  • No additional active containment cooling system necessary
  • No power supply or I&C control necessary
  • Simple, maintenance-friendly, scalable design without any active components

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