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In the case of a station blackout (SBO) with loss of the main heat sink, heat must be removed from the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) for boiling water reactors (BWRs) or from the steam generator (SG) for pressurized water reactors (PWRs). The plant must be brought to a safe state and long-term core cooling must be ensured.

Cooling without injection system or power supply

The Emergency Condenser allows passive heat removal from a pressure vessel (e.g. RPV, primary circuit in PWRs) to a water pool outside the vessel. Steam from the vessel condenses inside the U-tube heat exchanger, heat is transferred to a water pool and the condensate is led back to the vessel by gravity. The Emergency Condenser continuously reduces the vessel pressure and keeps it in the low pressure range in the long term. Natural circulation in the pool allows an efficient usage of the full water heat capacity.

Your benefits

  • Long-term passive heat removal from pressure vessel
  • Effective even after loss of main heat sink and or active cooling systems (e.g. SBO, internal fire, flooding)
  • No additional active coolant injection system necessary
  • No power supply or I&C control necessary
  • Simple, maintenance-friendly, scalable design without any active components

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