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Many important components of nuclear power plants (NPPs), e.g. pressurizer safety valves or main steam isolation valves, are activated by solenoid valves. In order to assure a reliable operation of those safety-related components, periodic tests must be conducted.

SIPLUG4 SOV: A new member of the SIPLUG4 family for increased plant safety and availability
For this task, AREVA NP has developed SIPLUG4 SOV, a new online diagnostic solution for solenoid valves. SIPLUG4 is the core component for various products of AREVA NP’s Valve Diagnosis. It is used in different applications, for example integrated into a switchgear feeder or as self-contained measurement module (e.g. for the cable outlet area of a switchgear cabinet).

Your benefits

  • Minimization of effort for measurement
  • Reduction of personnel’s dose rate (ALARA)
  • No clearance required for measurement
  • Measurement at plant operating conditions
  • Increased work safety by excluding of work under voltage
  • Automatic evaluation of measurements
  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple solenoid valves

Interested in Online Diagnostics for Solenoid Valves – SIPLUG4 SOV?

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