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Loos of coolant in the primary circuit, e.g. due to a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) or loss of secondary feedwater, may result in an overheated core.

AREVA NP's Reactor Pressure Vessel Coolant Level Monitoring (RPVL) provides all relevant information on the coolant inventory and core coverage in order to start critical counter actions such as primary pressure relief or injection of additional coolant
. The patented liquid coolant measurement system (formerly known as Reactor Vessel Level Instrumentation System  RVLIS) measures the change of heat transfer between water in liquid and gaseous phases.

Your benefits

  • Direct determination of the coolant level inside RPV
  • Resistance to earthquake and airplane crash and LOCA
  • Extremely robust and reliable operation due to special components
  • Design compliant with KTA and RCC-E


The Reactor Pressure Vessel Coolant Level Monitoring is in use in over twenty nuclear power plants (NPPs) worldwide.

Interested in RPV Coolant Level Monitoring and Instrumentation System?

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Spain: AREVA NP installs innovative monitoring system at Trillo nuclear power plant

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