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In the case of a severe accident and the need of a containment filtered venting, radioactive material is released. In order to estimate the impact on the environment, a precise measurement of the released activity is required.

The Passive Gaseous Effluent Monitoring System (PEGASUS) measures the gamma-ray emission of the released radioactive material and determines the discharged activity as a function of time.
Besides beeing designed for severe accident conditions, PEGASUS is a semi-passive system that is operational for at least 72 hours in the case of a station blackout (SBO). It is applicable to all nuclear power plant (NPP) designs in combination with AREVA NP's Filtered Containment Venting System (FCVS).

Your benefits

  • Precise online information on released activity to the environment
  • Capability for a detailed analysis of single nuclides for an estimation of soil contamination
  • Conservation of evidence for the autority
  • Basis for an early notification of neighboring states according to IAEA

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