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In the case of a severe impact of strong induced vibrations (e.g. air plane crash or earthquake) safety-related instrumentation and control (I&C) as well as the electrical systems must continue their secure and uninterrupted operation in a nuclear power plant (NPP).

The I&C and Electrical Equipment Qualification against Induced Vibrations establishes test sequences and specifications for vibration tests with seismically qualified components for earthquakes.
It provides the complete and suitable verification required for all project-specific equipment and systems. The verification includes both theoretical calculations and laboratory tests.

Your benefits

  • Seismic margin assessment for I&C and electrical systems
  • Qualifies electrical equipment for severe conditions
  • Meets national and international standards such as KTA, IEEE, IEC, RCC
  • Cooperation with accredited test laboratories over a long period of time
  • Customized advisory service
  • Full monitoring and analysis package

Interested in I&C and Electrical Equipment Qualification against Induced Vibrations?

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