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Reliable and save fuel assemebly operation at maximum performance is the basis for optimal operation of a nuclear power plant (NPP). This has to be ensured for a wide variety of fuel assembly designs in combination with a number of different plant designs.

Full-scale thermal-hydraulic test facility for PWR fuel assemblies with respect to vibration and bowing behavior  
AREVA NP operates of a test facility with maximum flexibility regarding geometrical and flow boundary conditions that can be applied. Experimental investigations of pressurized water reactor (PWR) fuel assemblies serve to enhance NPP safety and reliability. Optimization of fluid dynamics performance leads to new developments in fuel assembly design and thus helps to improve plant economics, e.g.:

  • Better coolant mixing enables higher power levels and higher burn-ups to be achieved, thus improving economic efficiency
  • In-core reliability of AREVA NP Fuel Assemblies can be enhanced even further
  • Fuel assembly costs can be optimized.

Your benefits

  • Worldwide unique test facility with maximum flexibility
  • Applicable for all designs of PWR fuel assemblies
  • Integration and access to the Thermal-hydraulic Platform
  • Accredited test and inspection body
  • Open to customers

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AREVA’s Thermo-hydraulic Platform qualified as test and inspection body

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