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High-temperature Potential Probe – HTPP: Online Measurement of Corrosion and Redox Potential up to 300°C and 120 bar

You want to monitor water circuits and optimize process flows, whether in the lab or in industrial plants? The corrosion potential of a material as well as the redox potential of the medium are significant in every respect for assessing the electrochemical behavior of a material within its environmental conditions.

Use AREVA's High-Temperature Potential Probe (HTTP) for online measurement of corrosion and redox potential up to 300 °C and 120 bar. With the application of the high-temperature potential probe, AREVA offers you the online measurement of corrosion potential in the relevant conditions of use and test temperatures. Based on the measured values achieved with the high-temperature reference electrode, oxygen can thus be induced directly into a system section to form a protective coating on surfaces with medium contact.

Your benefits

  • Measurement of the corrosion potential under increased temperature and pressure conditions
  • Long-life, stable high-temperature reference electrode that has been well proven for more than 20 years in power plant and laboratory use
  • Description of the actual environmental conditions of material in the water circuit of technical installations
  • If necessary, targeted optimization of system parameters for avoiding corrosion in practice
  • Using AREVA's experts‘ know-how in material and corrosion technology in the assessment of your corrosion system
  • Material-related competence from one source based on numerous interdisciplinary interfaces

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