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The reliable function of a component depends upon its precise manufacturing. This requires the use of calibrated measuring and testing equipment. Hence, the calibration of measuring and testing equipment for geometric and mechanical parameters in certain time intervals is indispensable.

AREVA NP ensures the quality assurance of the measuring and testing equipment through calibration in well-equipped laboratories
. The calibration can be performed either in the temperate measuring rooms or, for stationary devices, on site. The procedures are in compliance with requirements and standards (e.g. DAkkS, VDI, DKD, DIN) or, in special cases, internal requirements monitored by a quality management system. The calibration status of each measuring instrument is documented in a calibration certificate and additionally with a calibration sticker on the device. The results are kept by the calibration service and are accesable at any time.

With the registration of your measuring and testing equipment in a special database, you will be automatically informed on a monthly basis if a calibration is due, ensuring a timely notification before the validity expires.

Your benefits

  • Competent consulting in calibration tasks
  • More than 20 years of experience in calibration
  • Short distances to the customer
  • High flexibility in urgent orders
  • Monitoring and calibration of testing equipment from one source
  • Automatic reminder service before calibration due dates

Interested in Calibration of Measuring and Testing Equipment?

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