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High-precision measurements are often required under difficult working conditions on construction sites, during manufacturing or in the nuclear industry. Additional challenges can include long distances for data transfer, recording and analysis of movements or remote digitizing of objects.

The High-precision Optical 3D Measurement of Components and Industrial Plants generates very accurate 3D models, delivering as-built measurements from components and systems, as well as 3D scan models.
AREVA NP selects the latest measuring equipment options like laser tracker, laser scanner, optical photogammetry measurement or mechanical digitization with “FaroArm” to obtain the best results for a particular task. Optional surface analysis can be performed using special software. Applications of AREVA NP’s Metrology Services include high-precision measurements of components and systems like as-built geometries, scans for documentation purposes, digitalization of objects geometries, determination of components deformation, as well as support the manufacturing and alignment of components. Exact results are achieved even under very complicated and difficult on-site conditions.

Your benefits

  • Excellent for as-built documentation and validation support
  • Comparison of “then and now” 3D CAD data
  • Identifies deformations
  • Optional surface quality inspection
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Rapid, highly accurate 3D Data Delivery Package
  • Output in all current CAD formats, graphic or tabular form


  • Measurements for steam generator (SG) replacements in Japan, Sweden, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United States
  • Measurements for pipe replacements in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and boiling water reactors (BWRs) in Germany, Japan, Sweden and Spain
  • Measurements for pump, valve and nozzle replacements in Sweden and Germany
  • Measurements of components and plant equipment in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium and Korea
  • Transport path verification surveys in the United States and Japan

Interested in Optical 3D Measurement of Components and Industrial Plants?

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