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Loose parts in the reactor coolant system (RCS) of nuclear power plants (NPPs) pose a significant threat to the operational safety of components inside this system. Even small loose parts are able to damage fuel assemblies, pump blades, cladding or the steam generator’s (SG) U-tubes.

The Acoustic Loose Parts Monitoring and Machinery Protection System for Power Plants (LPMS 7) monitors and records structure-borne noises, detects signal bursts, analyses and locates them and finally assigns them to event classes.
Based on the event classes, LPMS 7 provides information on the properties and characteristics of the bursts as well as diagnostic information to the plant’s operator.

Your benefits

  • Detection and localization of loose and loosened parts down to several grams of weight
  • Vast operational experience in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and boiling water reactros (BWRs)
  • Automatic in-service inspection functions reducing personnel work load
  • Highly advanced evaluation methods based on years of experience in the field of sound and structure-borne noise propagation

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