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Heat exchangers like feed water heaters or steam generators (SGs) usually suffer from building up of oxide layers. These oxide layers disrupt the heat exchange from primary to secondary side and can also reduce the flow rate through the heat exchanger tubes due to a smaller diameter. This results in a loss of heat transfer capacity and accordingly a reduced efficiency.

SIVABLAST is a closed-loop process for a mechanical cleaning with blasting material
. It is possible to use different blasting materials, depending on the given tube material and purpose (cleaning, decontamination). The blasting material is injected into an air stream, which flows through the tubes. On the way through the tubes, the blasting material removes debris, oxide layers or base metal; this depends on the cleaning purpose.

Your benefits

  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Low secondary waste production
  • Eddy current test efficiency increases after cleaning
  • Improved heat exchange
  • Decrease of reactor header inlet temperature at CANDU plants
  • Negligible base material removal (maintenance works)
  • Abrasive available for high base material removal (decommissioning works)
  • ALARA: reduction of dose rate at the tube bundle


The SIVABLAST Process has been applied worldwide at more than 60 heat exchangers and SGs of all different vendors.

Interested in Mechanical Tube Cleaning and Decontamination Process?

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