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Head inspection is required or recommended by many nuclear regulators within the nozzles, nozzle welds and other susceptible head materials. Increasing regulatory standards require innovative techniques. At the same time high radiation dose should be minimized for the personnel.

AREVA NP's Control Rod Drive Manipulator Nozzle Surface Inspection uses eddy current (ET) techniques in combination with a manipulator particularly designed for this application.
The ET probe driver located just outside the head area is connected to the manipulator and guide tube via a flexible snorkel. The manipulator is installed within the head parking stand. Then, the head is set in place allowing remotely controlled delivery of the snorkel and guide tube to each target nozzle. Rotation and translation of the spring-loaded ET probes is controlled by the probe driver. ET coils are configured to distinguish axial and circumferential defects. Radiation exposure is minimized as the entire inspection is performed without personnel in the high dose area.

Your benefits

  • Low personal dose
  • Remotely controlled access to full target inspection area

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