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Earthquakes can lead to loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCA). Such severe accidents can generate extreme pressure, temperature and gamma radiation conditions. As conventional level measurement devices are not designed to withstand such extreme environmental stress, it is probable that the level sensors will cease operating. Missing level measurement information make the control of the coolant level and necessary water inventories impossible.

The Spent Fuel Pool and Coolant Water Level Measurement Devices for Accident Conditions (ALM) provide precise information about the coolant level and the necessary water inventories during and after a severe accident
. Precise modern measurement methods and advanced sensor technology measure the spent fuel pool (SFP) and coolant water level accurately. A very robust design and non-organic materials permit cooling control operation even in severe accident conditions. Several types of measurement ranges are available for the different areas of application.

Your benefits

  • High reliability due to robust design
  • No organic materials contained in the sensor and cabling proper functioning after receiving a total integrated gamma dose up to 5 MGy
  • Can withstand extreme pressure and temperature as well as high seismic loads
  • Flexibility and modularity of the Level Measurement Device for Accident Conditions make it suitable for the installation in different applications
  • Can be used in new nuclear power plants (NPPs) and for retrofitting the existing level measurements


The devices are implemented in European, Far Eastern and South American countries.

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