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Maintenance products are used for construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants, wind turbines, technical equipment and other technical facilities. These maintenance products also get in contact with metallic surfaces in the plants. Even the smallest amounts of impurities may cause corrosion on metallic surfaces of components over a longer period of time. This, in turn, reduces their service life.

In the Qualified Products Database (QPDB) only qualified maintenance products are listed.
By a strict qualification procedure they are analyzed for impurities. In addition, impurity contents were evaluated based on effective rules and company standards. All information given in the database helps to effectively protect units and their components by minimizing corrosion.

Your benefits

  • Innovative products
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience between users
  • Material protection, quality assurance and lower repair costs
  • Unexpected downtimes due to component failure in technical systems can be avoided

Interested in Database for Qualified Maintenance Products – QPDB?

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