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Leakages of stainless steel pool liners like reactor cavities or transfer channels can be caused by several reasons: mechanical impact, mechanical or heat stress, weld failure and corrosion. Long-time experience proves that corrosion is the main reason for leakages, especially stress corrosion cracking (SCC). Usually, SCC occurs near the welding line in the heat affected zone.

To seal such leakages, or as a preventive measure, AREVA NP deploys the FANP AK SG 460 Process.
Substantially faster and, therefore, more cost-efficient than a standard welding repair, the FANP AK SG 460 Process can be used to seal leakages in stainless steel pools. There is no additional input of heat into the existing liner. This fact is essential to avoid new heat affected zones.

The so-called “sandwich technology” is used to seal leakages with elastic bonding material, regardless of their origin. This bonding material does not affect the base material. A cover plate prevents the bonding material from mechanical damage.

Your benefits

  • Cost- and time-effective repair method, compared to welding repair
  • Adaptation to a wide variety of possible application areas
  • Product has been approved by European and Japanese authorities
  • Existing material structure is not affected by the repair


For more than 25 years of global field application no leakage of a repaired area has been reported.

Interested in Leak Mitigation of Reactor Cavity and Transfer Channel Liners?

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