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Rotating machineries, like pumps and turbines, are very important for energy production. Component faults, such as bearing failures, electrical faults in drives, imbalance of rotating parts, misalignment in gearboxes, etc., influence the vibration behavior of rotating machines and can lead, if not detected at an early stage, to a machine damage or unplanned outage.

Identification of component faults via diagnostic feature analysis
The DIROM System is a customizable solution for monitoring, diagnostic, condition-based maintenance and asset management for rotating machinery. It is designed with smart algorithms as well as modular, reliable and robust hardware. A machine’s complete lifetime log is centralized and accessible at any time.

Your benefits

  • Parallel use of online monitoring units (stand-alone or network-based)
  • Synchronous acquisition of vibration signals and digital process data
  • Early fault detection through deterministic and adaptive monitoring for different operating conditions
  • Intelligent data collection for trend analysis through event-based, manual and periodic data storage
  • Central server with efficient data analysis algorithms (fault identification, fault severity, fault priority) and asset management (measurement and status data, reports, event log table)
  • According to ISO 7919, 10816, 13373, 13374, 13379, 13381 and 17359

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