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The challenge: To demonstrate the power plants’ safe shutdown capability and availability of critical protection systems in the event of fires due to internal and external events, including natural disasters.

The solution: AREVA NP is adept at developing comprehensive and integrated solutions to demonstrate safe shutdown capability for design basis and severe accident mitigation.

  • Evaluate separation and isolation of redundant safety trains
  • Perform fire hazards analysis and fire risk analysis to evaluate adequacy of train separation, installed fire protection systems and building design and layout
  • Evaluate on-site response capabilities such as fire fighting equipment and fire brigades
  • Develop severe accident mitigation methods and modified fire protection systems to protect vital plant systems and ensure decay heat removal capability.

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive investigation for safety, personal and investment protection
  • Benefit of the combination of the best system design specialists
  • Provision of optimized solutions

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Part of the Safety Alliance Catalog. Category: Resistance to major hazards – Safety analyses.

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