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Nuclear power plants (NPPs), interim storage facilities and permanent disposal sites as well as nuclear research facilities must be optimally protected against the consequences of residual risks, such as natural disasters, and other interferences caused by individual events.

Improve the external and internal physical protection of your buildings and openings thanks to tailored and cost-effective analysis, licensing and safety upgrades
AREVA NP offers integrated and comprehensive protections against extreme natural events and individual risks by developing a concept tailored to your individual requirements to reinforce building structures, entrances and internal doors. We will deliver and install the necessary hardware and support you in the licensing process.

Your benefits

  • High planning and consulting expertise, including detailed safety and security analyses
  • International expertise in erection for upgrade projects with a broad experience in handling the interfaces between involved parties
  • High competence in internationally required certification
  • All products are designed in line with the highest international quality stand

Interested in Analysis and Upgrades of Physical Protection Elements?

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Part of the Safety Alliance Catalog. Category: Robustness of cooling capability – Safety upgrades.

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