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Severe events can cause failure of all fixed external and internal power sources of a nuclear power plant (NPP), with potentially grave onsequences. The time until connection of mobile power sources needs to be as short as possible.

Diversify your means for providing power to your plant's vital loads in the case of a severe accident with station blackout  
Easy connectivity for mobile power sources and pre-installed connections from an erection pad with hook-up point to the critical loads speeds up plant recovery after a station blackout (SBO). AREVA NP's long-lasting experience in implementation of complex electrical upgrades allows us to provide your tailor made solution.

Your benefits

  • Mobile power source are widely available
  • Pre-arranged power connection points speed up plant recovery
  • AREVA NP provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary solution, covering all aspects from civil construction to electrical design as well as efficient project management for turn-key implementation 

Interested in Additional Connections for Mobile Power Sources?

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Part of the Safety Alliance Catalog. Category: Robustness of cooling capability – Safety upgrades.

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