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Worldwide, there is an increased focus on emergency power supply for both new-build projects and existing nuclear power plants (NPPs). Existing accident scenarios are being questioned and new and tightened safety levels are likely to be imposed by regulatory bodies. In the case of external events (e.g. air plane crash, flooding or hurricanes) not only the external grid might not be available, but also the plant's emergency diesel generators (EDGs). In the case of a plant shutdown, this might lead to a station blackout (SBO).

AREVA NP’s Hardened Emergency Diesel Generator upgrades existing EDGs for beyond-design accidents.
Rugged harmonized solutions ensure the availability of the EDG system when it is needed. AREVA NP integrates complete solutions including:

  • Proven stand-alone diesel generator systems
  • Control systems covering both the safety-related and non-safety-related portions, generator protection, synchronization, excitation and voltage regulation.

Your benefits

Upgrade of existing EDGs and subsystems or design improvement of new EDGs to reach a more rigid design:

  • Less susceptible to harsh environmental conditions
  • Better mastering of beyond-design accidents
  • Easier repair after impairment of serviceability
  • Black start capability

Interested in Upgrading of Emergency Diesel Generators?

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Part of the Safety Alliance Catalog. Category: Robustness of cooling capability – Safety upgrades.

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