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All offsite and onsite AC power sources may fail.

Increase your power supply options through installing a rigid third grid connection – or improve the availability of the existing solution
A hardened third grid connection can help preventing the occurence of a severe plant accident by providing power when all other AC sources have failed. Based on our experience with new plant design and modernization, AREVA NP can provide a complete solution including initial study, design, delivery and installation and commissioning.

Your benefits

  • Diversity in off-site power supply means increased safety
  • If sufficient power is foreseen: long term substitution of the emergency diesels
  • In the case of adequate realization (e.g. cable connection to an hydro-electric power plant): power supply in the case of loss of the emergency diesel supply and after loss of the main grid connections

Interested in Hardened 3rd Grid Connection?

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Part of the Safety Alliance catalog. Category: Robustness of cooling capability – Safety upgrades.

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