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Leaks within the containment of nuclear power plants (NPPs), e.g. at the hot leg or the pressurizer surge line, need to be detected at the earliest moment in order to avoid high losses of coolant or even more severe plant damages. The earlier a leak can be detected, the lower are the costs for operators to repair the damage and to guarantee safe plant operation. Detecting leaks early and locating them exactly under the insulation on pressurized pipes and vessels in NPPs is very challenging. Furthermore, authorities demand  "leak-before-break".

The Leak Detection System (FLUS) for components and compartment humidity monitoring detects leaks early. 
Leakage of a pipe or component leads to a significant increase in the local humidity around the leak. Compact metallic “humidity measuring points” or linear “sensor tube” sections are installed wherever humidity needs to be measured. These elements provide samples for air humidity which are analyzed in a central monitoring station.

Your benefits

  • Extremely high detection sensitivity (1 kg/h; 10 kg/h for components and compartments)
  • Short response times (typically 20 to 60 min)
  • Minimal maintenance and repair costs
  • Comfortable user interface
  • Classification as F2 / safety-related system
  • Requires only passive metallic components in non-accessible areas with high temperatures and radiation 

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