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In pressurized water reactors (PWRs including VVERs) slow changes in reactivity are controlled using boric acid dissolved in the coolant of the primary circuit. Dissolved boric acid is also one of the solutions used by the nuclear industry to prevent any criticality events in spent fuel pools (SFPs). It is still common today to measure boric acid concentration via chemical analysis (titration). These measurements must be repeated again and again during operation creating effort and time delays.

COMBO (Continuous Measurement of Boron Concentration) allows the early detection of disturbances on a nearly real-time basis. Therefore, COMBO supports load-following. The measuring principle is based on the absorption of neutrons by the isotope B-10, which depends on the boron content of the coolant. The instrumentation and control (I&C) platform TELEPERM XS is used by an increasing number of customers for signal acquisition and processing in safety-related applications.

Your benefits

  • Early detection of disturbances in the boric acid concentration within the primary circuit and the fuel pool cooling system
  • Rapid qualitative measurement within seconds
  • A fully qualified system for safety-related applications
  • Optimized installation of the equipment and systems in the plant with no welding intervention on pipes and an easy integration in an expert system to support plant chemistry
  • Easy service and maintenance by means of automatic diagnostic of all components

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