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It is important to continuously detect and measure releases from a radiological accident into the environment if and when they occur – and to provide early detection and warning of an unexpected incident. Weather has an important effect on the dispersal of the radiation. Once a plume is released, the wind will carry the particles in whichever way it is blowing. The stronger the wind, the further the particles will go. Precipitation also has an effect of concentrating the activity wherever it collects on the ground. Highly reliable continuous monitoring around nuclear sites is necessary to provide early indication of a radiological release and to assure safety of workers and the general public.

The solution: A range of outdoor and indoor devices designed to provide unattended monitoring of alpha, beta and gamma radiation in aerosols – monitoring of ambient gamma dose rate.

Your benefits

  • Highly durable instruments, designed for the environment of installation
  • Increased sensitivity and minimal false alarms
  • Comprehensive alarming capabilities

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Part of the Safety Alliance Catalog. Category: Prevention of enviromental damage – Safety upgrades.

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