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The Fukushima accident has highlighted the importance of fuel pools monitoring in the case of an extreme natural hazard. Several safety authorities have already demanded to install the necessary instrumentation to monitor the fuel pool parameters from the control room in the case of occurrence of design-basis phenomena.

AREVA NP has evaluated and continues to study the different potential state-of-the-art technologies that can be used in severe conditions for level measurement.
Among the multiple options, magnetic floats actuating reed contacts connected to a chain of resistors prove to be particularly robust technologies. In order to match customer’s specific requirements in terms of severe accident management policy, AREVA NP has developed and is qualifying two solutions depending on the monitoring height requirement.

Your benefits

  • Knowledge of the level of liquid in the equipments that are vital for safety
  • Information available in the control room permitting improved control of the main functions
  • Robust technology tested for seismic conditions
  • High resistance to radiations matching severe accident requirements
  • Passive solution (floaters actuating resistances) that does not require electrical or gazes supply
  • Equipment qualification for nuclear plants (NPPs) in the frame of EPR reactor projects

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