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Stable function of valves and actuators, as specified by design, is essential for the operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs) for meeting all safety and reliability requirements. This goal can be efficiently supported by continuous monitoring of valves and actuators during operation for early detection of changes in functional behavior without direct intervention.

Full overview on valve and actuator status at any time for increased plant safety and
The new SIPLUG 4 is the evolutionary solution for valve diagnostics at the motor control center (MCC). Beside the integration into switchgear feeders SIPLUG 4 can be used as an independent diagnostics module directly installed in the MCC outgoing actuator power cable. Small size and less weight allow easy installation in existing switchgear cabinets with a minimum of engineering work. With SIPLUG 4 Online all operations of valves and actuators are automatically recorded and immediately available in the offices of the plant’s engineers for further analysis. With the ADAM Software there is a diagnosis solution for fully automated evaluation and assessment of each valve operation providing a full overview on valve status at any time.

Your benefits

  • Continuous verification of functional behavior of valves and actuators
  • Automatic recording and assessment of each valve operation – status immediately available
  • Early detection of changes/irregularities in functional behavior – prevention of breakdown
  • Substantially reduced time per measurement and evaluation, typically from one to four hours to some minutes
  • Optimized measurement programs allow to leave the critical path during outages
  • Reduction of personnel’s dose rate

Interested in Online Valve and Drive Diagnostics – ADAM and SIPLUG?

P. Gerner, G. Zanner
Maintenance management for nuclear power plant: Integrated valve maintenance

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