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For their use in safety-related instrumentation and control (I&C) and electrical systems, suitable components and equipment have to be selected by system design engineers. Qualification in accordance with nuclear rules and standards provides the evidence that components including their interfaces are appropriate designed and able to operate under every normal, abnormal or accidental conditions.

Electrical and safety control systems qualification in your projects or we perform it independently complying with your requests
Our competence runs in the preparation of integrated qualification concepts and their realization: starting from the detailed analysis of the formal and technical requirements, scheduling of the qualification activities, execution of the complete qualification testing up to the final suitability analysis. We also consult or actively accomplish clarification to the customer, safety authority or independent assessors to finally succeed the licensing process.

Your benefits

  • We provide all-in-one turnkey solutions
  • Qualification projects are performed by highly qualified engineers, scientists and technicians
  • Long-term international qualification experience
  • We deliver a complete set of licensable documentation

Interested in I&C and Electrical Equipment Qualification According to Nuclear Standards?

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