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In the wake of a core melt accident overpressure resulting from decay heat might cause the reactor containment to suffer damage. In the case of a containment failure radioactive substances collected in the containment may then be released into the environment. The challenge is to ensure containment integrity thus preventing significant offsite long-term dose issues whilst at the same time reducing the containment pressure in a controlled manner.

Venting system with excellent removal efficiency  
The Filtered Containment Venting System (FCVS) offers customized solutions for different requirements. It features a modular design and can be equipped with an additional stage molecular sieve for significant increase of organic iodine retention if required.

Your benefits

  • Prevention of excessive containment pressure
  • Protect the structural integrity of the ultimate fission product barrier
  • Excellent purification levels of gas discharges, even in long-term operation
  • Unique high-speed sliding pressure process resulting in a very compact, easy-to-retrofit design
  • Control of captured fission product decay heat
  • Flexible process design enables sub-atmospheric containment leakage control by adding a forced module installation within existing plants


More than 50 applications in pressurized water reactors (PWRs), boiling water reactors (BWRs), CANDU and VVER reactors worldwide (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Finland, P.R. China, Canada, South Korea, Rumania, Japan)

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South Korea: AREVA NP awarded contract for safety upgrades in seven reactors


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