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Serious accident conditions such as heavy flood waves or internal flooding of the building can cause important drives to fail. This failure may result in the loss of fundamentally important pumps and drives. These scenarios can lead to serious malfunction of the essential cooling chains.

AREVA NP's Flood-proof Motors ensure the safety of the complete cooling process by preventing the loss of fundamental pumps in the case of flooding. 
As all the pumps and motors of a cooling chain must guarantee the continuity of the core's cooling and additionally the prevention of heat sinks, these types of customized flood-proof motors should be installed. They prepare your system for flooding because initial task analysis to leak detection and automatic shutdown are included in this package. In addition, AREVA NP can provide the related pumps and piping as well as non-return valves and other related components. 

Your benefits

  • Qualification of flood-proof motors according to German approval authorities
  • Fast retrofitting and reliable upgrading with related accessories
  • Crucial emergency pump systems continue operation even under water and after a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA)
  • Applicable to all reactor types
  • Considers IEC, KTA and KSD (Komponentenspezifikation Konvoi Deutsch) standards

Interested in Flood-proof Motors?

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