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Inappropriate medium-voltage cables regularly are the cause of troubleshooting delays in nuclear power plants (NPPs). In the case of lifetime extension of NPPs (i.e. from 40 to 60 years) the originally installed medium-voltage cables will continue to age.  If a qualified cable assessment was not conducted, undetected aging mechanisms like vibrations and embrittlement may damage the cables resulting in severe operational disturbances.

AREVA NP's Medium-voltage Cable Assessment prevents unscheduled system shutdowns and extended downtime of the NPP
. The assessment includes the current state and degradation of every medium voltage cable in the plant.

Electrical malfunctions can be avoided by analyzing the trending of the cable condition data. System reliability can be increased by utilizing cable assessment data including aging behavior and environmental issues and also by acting upon the results of the assessment. AREVA NP's Medium-voltage Cable Assessment ensures that all cable aging data are continuously and reliably updated.

Your benefits

  • Profound analysis of pre-existing medium voltage cable data
  • In-depth offline cable testing such as visual inspections
  • Reliable and accurate recommendations on service intervals related to individual NPPs needs
  • Close relationships with regulatory organizations and research institutes such as IAEA, NRC and EPRI


The Medium-voltage Cable Assessment is implemented in various European NPPs.

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