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The shielding effect of water supports an effective radiation protection. Therefore, a lot of work in nuclear power plants (NPPs)  is carried out underwater. A permanently good water quality is essential for this.

Optimum water quality forms the basis for safe and efficient work
Trust in AREVA NP’s relevant expertise in the construction of efficient systems for water purification. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have already successfully carried out many projects in the field of repair and decommissioning, like the underwater dismantling of the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) internals in Wuergassen und Stade NPPs or the dismantling of the RPV in Wuergassen.

Your benefits

  • Minimized dose load
  • Better visibility due to minimum occurrence of suspended solids
  • More safety for personnel
  • Support or replacement of the installed systems during service activities
  • Systems tailored to your individual requirements
  • Creation of documentation eligible for approval
  • Intensive personnel training
  • Support of the commissioning at the site

Interested in Water Purification Systems for Coarse and Fine Filtration?

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