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During power plant operation, mechanical and thermal stresses as well as corrosive media may affect components in the pipe system. In the case of gate valves, this results in wear of the seal seats’ hard facing over time, while waviness may occur at the sealing flanges of the reactor coolant pumps. In most cases, it is difficult to make clear statements about the functionality of the respective components.

The System Solution for 3D Measurement and Evaluation of Power Plant Components enables an optimized life cycle management of all valves and pumps
. The respective component is evaluated based on a 3D measurement of functionally relevant geometric features as well as on a condition analysis, by dye penetration and ultrasonic testing. By taking the operational and system parameters into account, it is possible to provide a forecast on the expected service life. With our service customers get an evaluation package which is tailor-made to meet to their needs.

Your benefits

  • Evaluation of the actual state of components
  • Assessment of the remaining service life (lifetime management)
  • Timely initiation of measures (refurbishment, repair, replacement)
  • Component availability is ensured and short-term repair costs are avoided

Interested in 3D Measurement and Evaluation of Power Plant Components?

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