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To minimize the damages caused by a spill, it is essential to detect even the smallest leaks as early as possible. Commonly used methods detect leaks only at high spill rates.

The Leakage Detection and Localization System for Pipelines, Tank Farms and Chemical Sites (LEOS) provides optimum safety management with early detection of leakages.
 LEOS is able to detect lowest levels of leakage resulting in minimal follow-up costs. Moreover, LEOS reduces the effects on the environment, especially in highly sensitive ecological systems.

Your benefits

  • Optimized and economic pipeline routing
  • Economic and ecological damages can be minimized by detecting the smallest leakages
  • More than 30 years of experience in the monitoring of over 280 kilometers of pipelines and continuous technological innovation
  • Low service and maintenance costs

Interested in Leak Detection and Localization System – LEOS?

Webinar "Pipeline Safety: Unveiling the Hidden Leaks Before the Break"

This webinar explains the key aspects of the Vapor Sensing Tube (VST) technology and provides examples for promising applications. It also discusses the limitations and benefits of VST systems, in particular in comparison to competitive and alternative technologies.


Bewährte Systeme aus der Kerntechnik überwachen konventionelle Anlagen

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