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Stable temperatures, appropriate humidity levels and pressure staggering are essential for safety and reliable operation of nuclear facilities and power plants. This is normally provided by a qualified heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Aging, improper dimensioning or new demands on the system can cause the ambient temperatures become uncomfortable for workers. In extreme cases systems can fail.

AREVA NP’s HVAC Management in industrial and nuclear power plants (NPPs) ensures perfect work conditions for both man and machine.
 The scope includes the engineering of complete ventilation and chilled water systems with 2D / 3D layout planning and HVAC component design for safety-relevant applications like NPPs. AREVA NP also delivers and installs documented, state-of-the-art HVAC components including refrigerating machines (industrial chillers and split units). This includes also qualified control systems for safety-classified refrigerating machines.

Your benefits

  • Integrated HVAC solutions
  • Qualified HVAC designs
  • Industrial and nuclear classified HVAC products
  • Qualified robust control systems
  • RCCM, ASME and KTA standards


Starting in the seventies, AREVA NP HVAC systems and components as well as refrigerating machines have been installed in several plants on various continents.

Interested in HVAC Design and Control Systems for Refrigerating Machines?

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