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Most of the technical applications include complex phenomena such as turbulence, multi-phase flows, chemical reactions as well as different interactions of fluid and structure. Accessing necessary information of the flow during the engineering process through measurements or experiments is only feasible with costly efforts, if possible at all.

AREVA NP's Computational Fluid Dynamics enables the visualization and optimization of complex flows inside industrial components leading to costsavings and in-time engineering solutions.
CFD analysis in the area of flow mechanics will support you to:

  • Improve and verify design and performance of industrial components
  • Perform parameter studies for design optimization, lifetime extension and cost reduction in hardware
  • Understand key hydrodynamic parameters
  • Accomplish root cause analysis
  • Obtain more realistic load determination
  • Verify safety regulatory compliance
  • Explore innovative solutions by supporting design of experiments.

Your benefits

CFD analysis using state-of-the-art tools for enhanced understanding, optimization and improvement of complex processes:

  • Access to detailed information about three-dimensional time-dependent flow variables
  • Possibility to accomplish several „virtual experiments“ in high-fidelity models of commercial equipment – „what happens if…“
  • Shorter product development time and performance improvements
  • Reduction of conservatisms by realistic load determination

Interested in Engineering Solutions Using Computational Fluid Dynamics?

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