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Large test facilities require a huge amount of steam and electrical energy. An adequate infrastructure must be able to supply this energy flexibly and reliably. The infrastructure must not only supply this energy, but also remove the energy that has been added. A central water supply of treated and demineralized water is a prerequisite for operating such loops.

AREVA NP's solution: Installing as the center of the component qualification an infrastructure that is able to supply to the different full-scale test loops the individually required energy and fluid properties.

Your benefits

  • Combination of powerful and flexible infrastructure and full-scale test facilities
  • Energy and fluid supply for test facilities unique in the world
  • Integration with and access to the thermal-hydraulic platform
  • Accredited test and inspection body
  • Accepted by ILAC

Interested in Thermal-hydraulic Test Facilities for Component Qualification?


AREVA’s Thermo-hydraulic Platform qualified as test and inspection body

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