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The complete life cycle management of nuclear facilities also includes their safe and complete decommissioning.

Based on more than 30 years experience in the repair and replacement of primary circuit components, AREVA NP offers qualified solutions for special dismantling and disposal operations
. We are at your side for all services directly related to the complex tasks of dismantling and the corresponding conditioning of components. We offer you professional project management, engineering, and expert services in the following fields:

  • Primary circuit system decontamination
  • Testing and radiological evaluation
  • Dismantling and packing of primary circuit components for operational plants (instrumentation, core components) and decommissioning (complete reactor pressure vessel (RPV) and RPV internals).

Your benefits

  • Using process-optimized dismantling techniques to minimize the collective dose
  • Shortening the working times through optimized logistics
  • Reducing radioactive waste and the number of containers through optimized packing planning
  • Reducing the total costs through thorough planning, system decontamination and radiological testing in advance


Successfully completed dismantling and decommissioning projects in recent years:

  • Instrumentation systems, various plants, since 1978
  • Injector pumps, SSFR, cyclones, etc., Würgassen, since 2003
  • RPV internals, Würgassen Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), 2008
  • RPV internals, Stade Pressurized Water Reactor, 2009
  • RPV, Würgassen BWR, 2010

Interested in Component Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities?

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AREVA-EWN Consortium to dismantle the reactor pressure vessel internals of the Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant

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