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Further to the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle including spent fuel storage and reprocessing, the life cycle of nuclear power plants (NPPs)  includes decommissioning, dismantling and waste management.

As the leading vendor of NPPs and provider of all front end and back end nuclear fuel cycle services including spent fuel storage and reprocessing, and using its experience gained in major D&D projects executed during past decades, AREVA offers dismantling of nuclear facilities up to site recultivation.

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AREVA's major decommissioning and dismantling projects

Disassembly and packing

  • Germany: reactor pressure vessel and internals in the boiling water reactor Würgassen, internals of the reactor pressure vessel in the pressurized water reactor Stade
  • USA: Millstone, Rancho Seco, Yankee Rowe 

System decontamination

  • Germany: Stade, Obrigheim, Unterweser
  • Sweden: Bärsebäck and many other projects

Fuel assemblies and waste management

  • Japan: Fukushima
  • Great Britain: Dounreay

Project management support

  • France: Superphénix

Management and realization of dismantling projects

  • USA: Hanford, Savannah
  • France: Marcoule, Carderache
  • Great Britain: Sellafield