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Utilities need to keep clean installed baseload energy sources online. Over the next ten years, no fewer than 150 reactors will be operated following a license renewal. But service life extension will only be granted on the condition that it is safe.

Based on AREVA NP’s solid experience in supporting utilities with the operation of over 360 reactors, our Forward Alliance initiative proposes a catalog of the most advanced products, services and solutions to better address utility requirements with regard to the safe long-term operation of the existing nuclear fleet.

The cavitation peening technology developed by AREVA NP as part of its Forward Alliance program offers utilities an economic and innovative solution to strengthen the safety of nuclear components and prolong their operational life. How does it work? Water is sprayed onto the surface of the components at high pressure to improve their material properties and increase their corrosion resistance.


Forward Alliance – AREVA’s initiative for NPP’s LTO projects

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