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One of the main challenges regarding qualifying environmental equipment to loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) or severe accident conditions (SA) is the provision of specimens. Related tests for LOCA and SA must be performed on the same specimens in a defined sequence which represents the consequences of the loads in the life cycle of the equipment. Optimization of aging is another challenge. This must be performed to minimize the risks and time schedule while adequately considering material properties and constraints. The optimization of accident simulation tests leads to further challenges such as the definition of representative loads due to handling, operation and accidents which cause thermal, radiation or mechanical aging. Provision of accredited test facilities and experienced staff to meet quality standards is another issue, along with the minimization of qualification risks in particular for equipment with long-term mission times (e.g. one year or more after LOCA).

AREVA NP’s solution is optimized specification of tests and preparation of test specimens, that is, the optimization of the loads and levels is to be applied and their sequence is to be induced considering the material properties and physical effects, e.g. specific steam conditions – saturated vs. overheated – shall be respected. The effect of humidity is to be considered (diffusion into insulation materials as well as into protected connection enclosures) and chemical loads are to be in accordance with accident procedures, e.g. during spraying in the event of postulated accidents. Optimization of the simulated transient (s) is to be applied (both numbers and slopes) while respecting the requirements as given by codes and standards. AREVA NP offers optimized planning and execution of qualified life testing – our in-house experts are available to establish optimized qualification programs. Heating chamber: tempering oven is dapted to specific qualification needs Climatic chamber: It is equipped with functional testing tools for specific equipment to be qualified. Accredited test facilities are also available in-house, but AREVA NP can cooperate with external and local test facilities. The final solution is to offer programs that are already used for the extension of qualified life during in-service qualification, e.g. for extended qualification of cables.

Your benefits

As customer you benefit from our long-term experience and expert knowledge on environmental and
LOCA or SA qualification:

  • Know-how in design of safety-related equipment
  • Know-how in qualification of safety-related equipment gained over more than 40 years
  • Expert knowledge of applicable national and international standards
  • Experience with national and international customers, independent experts and authorities worldwide
  • Accredited test facilities are available:
    - Facilities for testing in accident ambient conditions
    - Facilities for advanced scientific analyses such as destructive and non-destructive testing

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