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One of the challenges related to equipment qualification for vibration and seismic loads is to re-use test results, records and the lessons learned. The aim is to support design departments and manufacturers to strengthen or improve support structures and equipment, and to replace testing with analyses or analogy as much as possible and permitted to optimize costs. New seismic qualification is also a challenge. This involves scaling the reality into a model that can be tested, followed by detailed planning of the test set-up together with design, and preparation of detailed test specifications and of requisition files for test laboratories. Follow-up of testing and supporting the test laboratories is sometimes required, in particular with functional testing. Qualification documentation also needs to be provided and accepted by customers and authorities.

AREVA NP offers a three-tiered solution. The first aspect is new qualification. This involves scaling of the reality into a model which can be tested, and the creation of a test specification. This also includes vibration test monitoring and the creation of a specific suitability analysis. The second part is a proof-based analogy on old tests, the basis of which is the Equipment Qualification Data Base (EQDB). This involves determining the requirements of the new project or installation place and checking if the old tests are suitable for analogy proof, as well as the creation of specific analogy proof (suitability analysis). The final aspect is a seismic margin assessment and fragility analysis (probabilistic proof), by way of determining the requirements of the new installation place and evaluating the seismic margins.


Your benefits

  • Long term involvement and experience in seismic qualification
  • Equipment Qualification Data Base available providing
    – Reference of qualified equipment
    – Qualification records and certificates
  • All in-house experts available for
    – Optimization of the design of the equipment to be qualified and support structures for the equipment subjected to seismic loads
    – Application of analyses and respectively analogy as much as possible or accepted by the customer/authority to minimize testing
    – Selection of test labs, follow-up of testing and actively supporting all activities as needed
  • Accredited test labs available, either in-house or externally with long-term cooperation experience

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