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For electrical equipment a huge number of qualification requirements need to be met. They include environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and air pressure as well as operational conditions or constraints encompassing electromagnetic interferences, switching operations, start-up operations, voltage fluctuations and short-circuit faults. Electrical equipment must also be qualified against hazards such as earthquakes, airplane crashes, explosion pressure waves, flooding and possible tsunamis, as well as against internal events. These include loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCAs), leakages, pipe breaks, fire, and severe accidents (e.g. core meltdown). The final challenge is the increasing use of digital components for electrical equipment.

AREVA NP’s qualification experts prepare and perform a wide range of tasks comprehensively in accordance with French RCC-E standards. These tasks include preparing a qualification program and supporting the suppliers with their test specification as well as offering supervision and support during the entire RCC-E test sequence. Our experts are also responsible for conducting a review of test results and reports and supporting the required design changes during the qualification campaign. Non-qualification management is then carried out by the experts, as well as provision of reports such as the Qualification Summary Report and the Qualification Evaluation Synthesis Report (NSQ). Within the final step our experts are involved in to overcome the above-mentioned challenge is the issuance of a reference file.

Your benefits

  • Risk assessment before starting electrical equipment qualification
  • Equipment Qualification Data Base (EQDB) containing hundreds of pieces of electrical equipment that are already qualified
  • Best practice in qualification methods based on our worldwide experience
  • Execution and/or supervision of tests and analysis by professional and skilled personnel
  • Performance of delta analyses and dedicated upgrades of equipment to reduce costs and time consuming qualification campaigns

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