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Shale oil and gas, renewables, associated low energy prices, new regulations and escalating new build costs affect the original equipment manufactures (OEMs) of nuclear steam supply systems (NSSSs), energy utilities and nuclear power plants (NPPs) alike. These market conditions are particularly challenging for all nuclear system suppliers.

In addition to servicing its own plants, AREVA NP has provided valuable state-of-the-art support, components and services to Westinghouse (now Toshiba-Westinghouse) plants for decades.
The company will continue to support Toshiba-Westinghouse customers in the coming years. All of the services offered below have references in Toshiba-Westinghouse plants.

Additional products and services for Toshiba-Westinghouse plants can be found here.

Interested in Support Services for Toshiba-Westinghouse Plants?

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