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Human Factors

Plant systems and equipment monitoring, control, and maintenance widely trust the reliable performance of plant personnel tasks. Human strengths shall thus be considered and enhanced, use(r) error risks tamed, and human factors (HF) engineered while the plant, its systems, and their human interfaces (HMI) are designed. Utilities and manufacturers are repeatedly challenged by the need to integrate HF into their design processes and the needs to stay up-to-date on

  • regulatory requirements and changing demands,
  • nominated HF engineering best practices, and
  • plants personnel’s reported operating and maintenance experiences (e.g. operators’ mismatched expectations).

The prohibitive costs of late re-design and delayed licensing are project risks effectively mitigated by our services.

With our methods and skills we identify HF issues early in the engineering process, assess each issue holistically, prioritize it by significance, and guide its interdisciplinary resolution throughout the engineering process.
These are our means to reduce project risks, fulfill human reliability, increase usability, and meet plant safety requirements. The time and cost-effective application of HF principles and methods throughout the design of plant systems and equipment is structured along

  • the definition of intended use(s), users, tasks, HMI, and workspace,
  • the identification of the reference design, anticipating and tracking how changes of function and form will affect user experience and regulatory compliance,
  • the identification of critical tasks, the conditions and scenarios of use that include them, the root causes for use difficulties and the severity of potential consequences,
  • the assessment of the effectiveness of measures to make systems operation and maintenance free of human error, including the exploration of design alternatives and the tradeoffs between task design, HMIs, instructions, and training.

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