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Pressurized water reactors (PWR) and pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWR) can show an increased generationand transport of corrosion products into the steam generators (SGs). There, the interaction of corrosion products, impurities and hardening substances (mainly silicate) carries a high risk of hard sludge formation. This might result in special degradation phenomena, like denting and outerdiameter stress corrosion cracking.

With film-forming amines (FFA) AREVA offers a patented, effective and field-proven technology for corrosion protection and preservation for the water-steam cycle, including SGs. It complements the optimization of outage schedules with respect to lay-up procedures of the water-steam cycle. Furthermore, it preserves the SGs’ integrity by minimizing corrosion product transport and, thus, final deposit load.

Your benefits

  • Application of FFA has been well known for many years
  • Successful operating experience of FFA by AREVA NP in P(H)WRs
  • Excellent protection of inner surfaces of water-steam cycle makes additional preservation measures redundant
  • Lay-up efforts are reduced and performed prior to outage, effecting optimized outage schedule


Almaraz Unit 1 and Unit 2 (PWR, Spain), since 2011
Focus on corrosion protection during outage, surface protection continuous after outage

  • Inner surface cleaning of the entire water-steam cycle (removal of impurity and loose bound corrosion product)
  • Surface protection in wet steam areas

Embalse (PHWR, Argentina), 2015
Focus on long-term lay-up

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