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Nuclear workers might incorporate radionuclides or get exposed to radiation when they handle radioactive materials or perform maintenance, services or decommissioning work in nuclear facilities. Working in radiation fields or with radioactive materials requires strict precautions according to national and international requirements and legal regulations to protect workers and survey personnel. The required consideration of the state of the art of ALARA technologies in its entirety and their advances is a very challenging issue for employers. Especially for complex tasks (e.g. component replacement projects in nuclear powers plants like a steam generator replacement) a dedicated dose reduction strategy is required taking all project related boundary conditions into account.

AREVA NP’s ALARA Management Program ensures low collective doses due to a systematic approach of analyzing the radiological conditions in the working environment and defining related radiation protection measures.
The ALARA planning concept is primarily based on a dose rate mapping of all relevant working areas, compartments, transportation routes, storage areas and components in the plant. It is performed by AREVA specialists on site to define temporary shielding measures. Furthermore, all working areas are assessed regarding contamination and incorporation risks to determine additional radiation protection measures like, contamination zones, respiratory requirements or ventilation requirements.

The On-site Radiation Protection includes ALARA training for the personnel during outage and continuous monitoring of individual and collective doses and incorporation monitoring even after the operation.

Your benefits

  • Systematic dose minimization during outages
  • Comply with regulations, laws and specified limits
  • Coordinated with other trade and work section on site
  • ALARA training for personnel
  • Consulting on further optimization potential for continuous operation
  • Applicable also for non-nuclear facilities, e.g. irradiation facilities

Interested in ALARA Planning for On-site Radiation Protection?

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