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The increased interconnectivity of digital systems with numerous, often low-cost industrial devices as well as emerging new security threat vectors require the design and deployment of new security measures. Program code or configuration data of a programmable logic controller (PLC) can be read out or manipulated through interfaces that lack sufficient protection. IT security laws mandate the protection of process and automation systems against cyber-attacks. Any intrusion of unauthorized personnel into automation systems can cause damage to or misuse of critical infrastructures. If systems are compromised, the modifications are often records hard to trace or go undetected. This makes countermeasures even more difficult and thus contributes to further endangering the safety of critical infrastructure.

The OPANASec Software secures and monitors the integrity of your SIMATIC automation systems.
OPANASec Integrity Protection ensures that the software of PLCs is not penetrated and tampered with. The software can be quickly configured and is easy to use.

OPANASec protects:

  • Critical power supply
  • Transport and traffic control
  • Drinking water plants
  • Nutrition processes
  • Medicine and health processes
  • Chemicals and pharmaceutical processes.

Your benefits

  • Ensuring availability of equipment
  • Securely blocking the access to systems
  • Protection against intellectual property theft and espionage
  • Protection against manipulation of program and configuration data
  • Protection concept compliant with German IT Security Laws
  • Protection against liability claims
  • Optional rapid alerts

Interested in Access Protection for Critical Infrastructuresthe – OPANASec?

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AREVA schützt industrielle Anlagen gegen Cyber-Attacken mit einer IT-Security-Lösung aus der Kerntechnik

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